Maintaining mutually-beneficial relationships with the media and influencers is key in marketing your story and growing your business. And we’re talking about real influencers, not any John Doe that has a blog or sets up a YouTube channel.

We tirelessly work with brands to define editorial angles that we know will resonate with this group of people. Add in a pinch of persistence, and it’s the reason why we continue to win for our clients in major outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Fox & Friends. The list goes on and on.

At the end of the day, the media and influencers are looking for compelling stories to tell their audiences regardless of where they come from.

PR/Influencer SErvices

  • National: Placing your story into national conversations that are compelling to readers and impactful to your business.

  • Local: Hyper contextualizing your story for markets you are looking to grow in.

  • Trade: Making your story stand out in industry publications that will make you the envy of your competitors.

  • Influencer/Blogger Partnerships: Leveraging your story to influence those that influence the masses.