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When a story runs, it is only as good as the audience who reads it. Think about how many times you miss news on the TV. The same holds true for stories. But when that story is meant to find you – it finds you. We can accelerate getting your story to the right interested party through marketing. Thus, we amplify the content and stories through our proprietary system called AMPD – a blend of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Retargeting, Marketing and Owned Distribution (like newsletters).

Additionally, through our owned publication model, within our dashboard we have connected the APIs of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google to give our clients transparent accessibility to all of their digital ad spends in real time.

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    You’ve built an incredible marketing campaign (or we’ve done it for you), complete with the perfect copy and creative assets tailored specifically to appeal to your target audiences.

    Congratulations! Now, what are you going to do with it?

    The world of digital advertising offers an array of tools to help you get your campaign in front of the right audiences. But knowing which tools to use and how to use them can be daunting, and misusing them can drain your budget without producing results.

    Mainland’s team of digital marketing experts will design a campaign that leverages the most applicable digital advertising tools for your campaign to produce the biggest bang for your buck. Through the strategic deployment of Facebook ads, pay-per-click ads, remarketing and SEO among other resources, we’ll make sure your campaign finds the right audience and stays in front of them.

    As we drive traffic to your campaign, we’ll analyze the data and optimize the campaign, doubling down on the most productive strategies and minimizing or eliminating less effective channels.

    But here’s the kicker: we’ve got an extra tool. Beyond traditional digital advertising resources, Mainland gives you access to AMPD, our proprietary targeting tool that allows us to take any campaign one major step further, beyond the audiences you’re already reaching, by targeting specific personas through strategic digital advertising placements.

    The secret sauce in our proprietary AMPD recipe is a combination of the most effective paid digital advertising channels and a heavy dollop of deep persona development. By learning the search patterns, interests and demographics of your target audiences, we set our AMPD tool to strategically place ads through LinkedIn, Facebook and Google that will drive the right readers to your best stories or directly to your lead-conversion website. We can also develop retargeting programs to keep your brand top of mind with people who have engaged with your content.

    What AMPD is:
    What AMPD is not:
    Each AMPD campaign is completely customizable and can utilize a blend of social and PPC ad buys.
    AMPD campaigns are not a direct lead-generation tactic — they take time and strategy to build.
    At its core, AMPD is designed to place your content in front of the right target audience.
    What AMPD is not:
    AMPD is not a one-and-done project. While one-off AMPD campaigns are valuable, this strategy works best when content is consistently boosted from month to month.
    AMPD campaigns are designed to drive a long-term content marketing strategy that places your content in front of more people.

    Opening Marketing

    You know all about our strange new world of online engagement and offsite services. You know that brands have to interact with customers at every opportunity, even and especially outside of your stores. Times have changed, and your business has remained at the cutting edge. Kudos! But there’s one good old fashioned marketing strategy that isn’t going anywhere: the event. There remains no better way to get customers excited about a new store opening or product than inviting them out to experience it for themselves with all the fun, fanfare and FREE STUFF that a great event entails.

    But planning a great event is difficult, and ensuring that people actually show up to the event is even more difficult. Fortunately for you, we’ve done this before. A lot. We’ll help you create a can’t-miss event that brings buzz and excitement to the product, service or store you want to promote. Entertainment, giveaways, celebrity appearances — it’s all on the table. We’ll strategize the event, design the creative, recommend promotions and giveaways, book entertainment and work closely with you to make sure your event reflects everything awesome about your brand. But the event itself is just half the work. We’ll deploy our full PR strategy to make sure everyone in the local community is talking about the event and shows up excited and ready to party.

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