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While we don’t believe campaigns should end (rather continue being built upon), it is important to gain an understanding of what worked and what didn’t.

Insights help us improve, as well as help you better understand the ROI on the work we are performing on your behalf.

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    Google Analytics

    Maybe your marketing strategy is already working. Maybe it isn’t. Either way, do you know why? Are you sure? Do you know why your opportunity seems to resonate more with audiences in one market than in another? Why leads tend to come in on one particular day of the week? Why the same messaging is more effective on one platform over another? Do you know what all of these things say about who you are reaching, who you aren’t reaching and what your audience wants from you? Would you like us to keep asking questions? No? Fine, we’ll just tell you how our audience analytics capabilities can unlock new growth for your brand.

    The answers to all of the above questions are in your data. But to reveal them, you need to A) properly collect that data, and B) know how to make sense of it. No easy trick. That’s why Mainland has built a robust digital infrastructure around all of our marketing and communications efforts to gather troves of data, make sense of that data and adjust our strategy accordingly.

    All of our capabilities, from PR and custom publications to digital marketing and social media (and everything in between) is designed to collect valuable insights into our strategies and into your brand. We’ll dig into the analytics to better understand not just the Where and Who of your audience, but also the Why — why certain campaigns resonate more with some audiences, why you tend to attract a certain type of lead and what we could adjust to broaden those results. Then, we’ll act on those insights to tailor content to appeal to your most likely prospects as well as potential prospects you may have previously left unengaged. Through the careful collection and analysis of your data, we’ll reveal:

    Where your ghost prospects come from.
    What content resonates with your existing audiences.
    What content might resonate with audiences you are missing.
    Whether or not your current target audiences are converting, and whether other potential audiences might be more likely to convert.
    Your target demographics.
    Your target demographics.

    Monthly Data Reporting

    Folks, the nerds have won. This is their world now. And if you want to get anywhere in this new world, you need to speak, think and act like a nerd. Luckily, we’ve hired a few to show us the ropes.

    What we’ve learned is nothing less than the entire invisible infrastructure behind modern communications, marketing and brand growth. We’ve learned how to identify and make sense of the behavioral patterns that drive consumers to and from a website, what makes a headline stick at the top of social media feeds, what stories are driving engagement and everything else you need to know to build a growth-oriented business.

    In an increasingly competitive marketing landscape, it’s not enough to build a website or put out a press release and hope that those items have contributed to new lead generation and conversion. You need to know exactly what’s working and why. We’ll help you dig into the wealth of data attached to all of your assets to find out where you’ve been wasting time and money and where you have untapped opportunities.

    Additionally, for 1851 and Estatenvy clients, we offer a technology dashboard that gives brands a view into owned and paid activities.

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      Senior Account Supervisor


      Do you love working with people? Is client relations your thing? Do you have experience pitching the media? Do you love the idea of helping a company grow? Then you may be the right person for us.

      Account Executive


      In the Account Executive position you will be the agent for achieving concrete public relations results for our roster of clients.

      Account Manager


      We’re looking for a client services pro, with experience managing cross-channel marketing activities. Knowledge of PR, digital marketing and content; the ability to build strong relationships with...



      As an agency driven by the written word, we do countless writing projects for our clients every day, including but not limited to: press releases, bios, bylined articles, pitches, website copy, advertorial copy, blog posts, social media calendars and more.

      SEO Manager


      This position will be responsible for the following: Managing the SEO content arm,, and newly launched digital publications); managing Google Analytics; supporting project management; writing content and working with clients.…

      Director of Social Media


      The Director of Social Media will be responsible for creating valuable and engaging content across our clients’ social media platforms. The Director of Social Media will work closely...