Brands don’t sell brands,
people do.


We aim to amplify business growth by
identifying, creating, telling and measuring stories.

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At Mainland, we provide strategy, solutions and amplification.

Mainland is your one-stop shop for storytelling and amplification. We position, find, amplify and measure each level of communications we are engaged to handle on your behalf, all with the mindset of creating a forever relationship. How?

This model gives you a full-service approach to getting your story told on way to accomplishing your brand’s growth goals.

Three Ways We Stand Out

Brands don’t sell brands,
people do.

In 1978, Nobutoshi Kihara shook-up the world with his creation of the Sony Walkman. The inventor then created the video recorder and the digital camera. Genius, yet no one knows him.

On the other hand, Steve Jobs shook-up the world with the creation of the i-, in the form of Mac, Pod, Pad, Tunes, Phone. Genius, and everyone knows him.

Difference: One brand pushed brand, one pushed people.

Coincidentally, both died in 2011. One left the world remarkable, one left the world forgotten.

Dos Equis, Nike, Gatorade, all get it. And soon, your brand will, too.

People will be the most important element of all forms of outbound communications. We will build stories about INSERT BRAND that feature people. We will use a blend of owned, earned and paid media to drive awareness for the brand.

Connection of the
Communications Silos

At Mainland, we have built an operational storytelling conveyor belt: Strategy > Owned > Earned > Paid > Data & Analytics. Within the strategy and amplification portions, we have proven that when a campaign is connected across all of your storytelling target points (Website, social, digital, content, PR, and marketing – paid & owned), you have a better chance of impacting the right buyer with the right amount of impressions.

In all of our communications efforts on behalf of brands, we strive to connect the silos — meaning, when we create a piece of content, it should extend across all channels. A press release can be turned into a media pitch, repositioned into an article to use on one of our two content marketing platforms, serve as the foundation of a social media campaign and be visually represented in an infographic.

At Mainland, we are committed to creating a wide breadth of your stories while also maintaining consistency. This approach gives us and you the tools to maximize your budget, increase your reach, and ultimately help set you up for the best shot at winning.

The Art of Data

There are certainly some types of sales that can be correlated directly to an action. You buy a PPC campaign, user goes to your Website, they purchase. But, in many sales, the data is complex. Why? Every person’s life creates a different number of impressions and pathway they will need and take to buy into your brand. However, data can help us create a path of least resistance. We study story interactions, Google Analytics, consistency of content, and sales KPIs to strategize the best path toward winning.

Armed with our principals (people, silo connections and data), we define your strategy into several buckets of storytelling, all around people stories, humanizing your brand as much as possible because brands don’t sell brands, people do. We do this with:

1) Brand Positioning Stories (national, larger content, thought leadership)
2) Milestone Stories (new openings, sales achievements)
3) Localized Consumer + B-2-B Positioning
4) Research Support Content

With a humanized positioning and an understanding of what winning is for your brand, now, we can prepare to launch your brand. Climb onboard Mainland.

Storytelling Model

Types of Brands
We Work With

We have become somewhat industry agnostic. How? Because we started by building models designed to sell one of the toughest things to sell – franchises. Our model was simple, yet effective – define the why you/why you; build the assets to support the story; amplify the reach and gain credibility through PR; further amplify through paid methods; and measure. Additionally, we applied three key tactics to the positioning of stories that motivate people to buy: Brands don’t sell brands, people do; connection of communications silos to maximize budget; and the art of tech, data & analytics. Armed with these approaches, we have created hundreds of brand wins for these industries:

Explore How We Have Helped Brands in These Industries

Case Studies

If you’ve got a marketing or communications challenge, chances are we’ve helped another brand find a solution for the same issue. We’ve collected some case studies that highlight just a few of the solutions we’ve strategized and executed for brands from a range of industries.

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How Mainland Helped Fitness Franchise GYMGUYZ Expand to 250 Units in Six Years

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How Mainland’s Strategic PR Turned Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque Into a Household Name

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How Big Blue Swim School Has Signed 81 Units in Just Over 18 Months by Partnering with Mainland

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How Qmee’s Refreshed Mascot, Oinq, Elevated Social Engagement for the Online Rewards Platform

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Mainland Harnesses Demand and Fuels Growth for Mosquito Joe by Securing Strategic Media Placements

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How Mainland’s Strategic Overhaul of Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa Franchise Development Website Doubled Lead Volume

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By Capturing the True Essence of Wild Birds Unlimited’s Culture, Mainland Helps the Brand Get the Attention of the Right Franchise Candidates

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How Mainland Leveraged Kallpod’s Partnership with Chick-fil-A to Drive Leads and Deals for the Tech Brand

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