Restaurant Brands: Marketing Stories, Supporting Grand Opening Marketing, Driving Sales

Since 2008, Mainland has worked with restaurant brands to

Elevate digital marketing

Are you a restaurant brand looking for your last agency?

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    Strategy: How Mainland Helps Restaurant
    Brands Strategize Growth

    We start by learning everything there is to know about the restaurant brand, from unit-level economics to the executive-level goals and everything in between. Then we do an assessment. We pick apart every challenge and opportunity the brand faces, and we propose actionable steps forward.

    And that’s just the beginning. After the initial assessment, we continue to work closely with the brand to help execute every item laid out in the assessment and tackle any other issues or opportunities that present themselves along the way.

    Buffalo Wings & Rings, which earned 600 leads and signed 17 new franchise agreements in just its first year with Mainland.

    Checkers and Rally’s, which has sold more than 180 units since hiring Mainland.

    Philly Pretzel Factory, which has sold more than 40 units since hiring Mainland

    Strategy: How Mainland Elevates
    Restaurant Brands’ Consumer Marketing

    In addition to brand growth and B-to-B sales, Mainland also helps restaurant brands find new customers and increase consumer sales. Here are just a few of the ways Mainland helps with consumer marketing:

    • Our brand assessments include an in-depth look at your marketing positioning, goals, calendar, social media footprint, grand opening strategy and spend so that we can suggest new and better ways to appeal to customers.
    • We’ll customize a public relations strategy to draw attention to your brand for new store openings, product launches, events and more.

    For Philly Pretzel Factory, in addition to supporting the brand’s franchise growth, we also generated positive consumer awareness to support that growth.

    In April 2014 (just days before National Pretzel Day), NFL star Tim Tebow was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, and Mainland’s social media and PR teams quickly devised a strategy to capitalize on the news of this media darling joining our client’s hometown team. The Philly Pretzel Factory team created a Tim Tebow pretzel that Mainland then turned into a shareable image congratulating Tebow on the trade on behalf of Philly Pretzel Factory. The tweet spread quickly, gaining the attention of ESPN, the NFL and Sports Illustrated. @PPFPretzels was flooded with requests to use the photo across many different media platforms. The momentum increased throughout the day, as ESPN and the NFL both tweeted out the photo with a credit to Philly Pretzel Factory. The Mainland PR team leveraged this news to blow out National Pretzel Day and secured coverage on FOX & Friends, The Today Show (twice!), CNBC, CBS Evening News, People magazine, Sports Illustrated and 1,800 other media outlets over 24 hours.

    Owned: How Mainland Helps Restaurant Brands
    With Creative and Event Marketing

    Mainland strategizes and executes compelling campaigns to make the biggest splash with any given event, promotion or product launch.

    When Buffalo Wings & Rings rolled out a series of new store openings, we implemented a robust grand-opening project that included partnerships with local high schools, police, media and dignitaries; food drops to local small businesses; influencer and blogger tasting events; bounce-back coupons; food giveaways and more. Our efforts resulted in some restaurants seeing more than a 60% sales increase since the soft opening.

    Owned: How Mainland Helps Restaurant
    Brands With Social Media & Content Marketing

    Every successful restaurant brand needs a robust social media presence, with regular posts and a distinct voice. Mainland builds that presence, perfects the voice, and stays on top of news and social media trends so we know how to approach every conversation (and when to shut up entirely). We build a following of fans and leverage each platform’s unique tools to get your messaging out to your existing followers and new audiences. We can also implement paid social media ad campaigns to put your brand in front of the audiences you want to reach, whether they follow your accounts or not.

    Restaurant brands we have helped with social media include:

    Earned, Paid, Analytics: How Mainland Help Restaurant
    Brands With Franchise Development Marketing

    We’ll work with you to identify why prospects should choose your brand over any other and why now is the right time to join, then we’ll craft that story in a way that appeals directly to your ideal franchisee candidates. We do this through a strategic combination of communications tactics, including public relations, content, marketing, advertising, digital and social media, ensuring that your story is put in front of the right audience, wherever they are.

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