Home Brands: A Targeted
Strategy for Brand Growth

Mainland has worked with home brands in a variety of segments — from home staging to movers to pest control — to position those brands for large scale growth. We strategize creative B2B and B2C marketing campaigns, create impactful content and amplify the reach of those efforts through

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    Strategy: How We Help Home Brands Position Their Marketing

    For brands that cater to homeowners, developing a creative marketing strategy that cuts through the noise to speak directly to your target audiences is essential. We work closely with brands to learn everything about their product or service before developing in-depth personas of target buyers and creating content that speaks directly to those personas.

    Developing personas:

    For real estate agents selling a home, what is the demographic makeup of the area and how has it shifted? Is it family-friendly or built for upwardly-mobile singles? For real estate companies looking for clients, what is your niche? Do you specialize in selling studio apartments in Brooklyn or multi-million dollar mansions in Malibu? For brands selling a product or service related to the home, who is the decision maker? Who has traditionally been your buyer and what other demographics might be interested but just don’t know about you yet? Identifying your niche and the people who are most likely to be interested in your properties, your services or products is a critical first step.

    Developing content:

    Once we know who we’re talking to, we have to strategize the right content to appeal to them. We have to uncover the real story — what will resonate with the target audience? To do that, we have to dig deep into both the personal stories and the data to develop the right content. We need to determine what makes a home, agent, product or service stand out, whether that’s a rich personal backstory, customer case studies or pure data that shows proof-of-concept. We then take this expertly crafted information and data to package the right stories with the right creative assets.

    We have helped home brands like

    Owned: How Estatenvy Provides The Perfect
    Platform For Home Brands

    First, Mainland disrupted franchise development marketing with its customized publication 1851 Franchise. Then, we did the same for home brands with Estatenvy. With Estatenvy, we’ve created a tool for home brands to elevate their stories and tell them to a targeted audience.

    By covering everything from interior design trends and hot markets for real estate to profiles of industry up-and-comers and successful agents, Estatenvy has built a readership of not only homeowners, but potential home buyers and sellers that real estate companies, agents and brands in the home industry can tap into to tell the right stories to the right targets.

    • Content: Estatenvy serves as your active newsroom. Mainland builds content that defines your brand’s “Why you?” and “Why now?” through strategic storytelling, all while delivering your targeted audience your most compelling stories through diverse content like news items, guides, profiles, how-tos, best-of lists and more.
    • Amplification: On the back end of Estatenvy, we are building a management system that will be fully dialed into the APIs of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, providing you with a single dashboard that gives you a real-time glimpse into the performance of each of your stories.
    • Technology: New enhancements are always in the works, providing you with the industry’s most robust sales and marketing solution. From cross-domain tracking to data and insights, Estatenvy is rolling out new tech to position itself as both an influencer and as a progressive technology solution.
    • Data & Analytics : What stories are resonating best with your audience? Are people engaging with the content and following through to your website? Part of the Estatenvy magic is the blended approach of people and technology, which answers the questions above to help us tailor better, more impactful content for your brand.

    Owned: How We Help Home Brands
    With Creative

    Storytelling is not limited to the written word. Stories are also told — often more effectively — through images and design. Our creative strategy ensures that a brand’s written copy and design complement and elevate each other to increase the impact of the story. We use creative to elevate all assets, including social media, advertising and marketing.

    Owned: How We Help Home Brands With Creative, Social Media & Content Marketing

    Where most agencies are focused exclusively on the “media” and “content” components of social media and content marketing, we know that the “social” and “marketing” aspects are every bit as important.

    Here’s how we apply those crucial components to our strategy:


    We know that the best stories find a life of their own — people share them. And we know that at the center of every great story is a person. By telling personal stories that readers — including journalists, consumers, vendors and any other target audience — can relate to, we profoundly extend the reach and lifecycle of every story we tell.

    Through digital

    A great story is worth nothing if no one reads it. That’s why we craft compelling headlines that appeal to target audiences. Then we push those headlines out on the right digital channels to find your ideal audiences.


    There’s still a place for the classics. Newsletters, automation, drip campaigns and word-of-mouth, among other old-school marketing strategies, are still effective when employed strategically.

    Our approach is both complex and simple. It is complex because it has been created after years of studying brands, consumer behavior and marketing. It is simple because we focus on the fundamentals:

    Our social media strategy in action:

    For AZEK, Mainland has developed a series of impactful social media campaigns targeting consumers, contractors and dealers. In each campaign, we educate the audience on the benefits of alternative decking, trim, rail, pavers, porch and molding. With monthly content calendar creation, development of social media design assets, community management, contest and campaign ideation and management and trade show presence promotion, Mainland has grown the footprint of each social platform significantly.

    • More than 56,052 engagements
    • More than 15,110,007 impressions
    • More than 77,603 links clicked on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

    Designed to increase social media interaction between AZEK and contractors, our “Best Dressed Deck Contest” encouraged contractors to submit their best decking projects, which appealed to the fans of the page and also enabled Mainland to secure local media coverage on these projects. The campaign reached 1,500 fans, received hundreds of votes as well as several local media placements that resulted in more than 12 million impressions.

    Owned: How We Help Home Brands
    With Website Development

    We are experts in creating the best user experience and most important content needed for an impactful website that drives results. Regardless of the target audience or the intended behavior, we have worked with many brands to create compelling websites that are optimized for conversions. Some key areas we highlight on service brands’ websites:

    Why this brand, why this industry, why now.

    Depth and experience of leadership

    Growth and vision for the future

    Human interest content that drives users to engage

    Earned: How We Help Home Brands
    With Public Relations

    A lot of agencies consider “doing PR” to be drafting a few press releases, blasting them out to a database and crossing their fingers for results. We take the opposite approach. We dig into a brand and uncover every possible angle that could be considered newsworthy. We don’t just ask our clients what they’re doing, we proactively create stories with a focus on the humans behind the brand. We create strategic quarterly plans of the stories we want to tell to the media. But we don’t stop there. We tap into the news to position our clients as experts on timely subjects, develop trends, leverage data and position our clients as thought leaders in their respective spaces.

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