In yesterday’s storytelling universe, we read a story once. Too bad for that story. Today, that story should have more than one life. Why? You worked too hard to earn it. That’s why Mainland built a researched, collaborative, integrated and data-driven approach to storytelling. We are a multifaceted storytelling business. 

First we research. Did you hear about that brand that gave $500 to charity? Probably not. Because that’s not a story. In order to create great content that has the legs for a journey, Mainland first researches the right content to put into our story mapping system. No story is one size fits all. We need to hunt for the great story, build the right framework, and research the right influencer. Then we collaborate with an integrated approach by building the right creative, create a demand for the story, and land qualified ghost leads into your Website. And finally, we understand the data to help refine and grow that story.



How It All Comes Together for Clients

We aim to develop content, secure media coverage and extend the reach of content that not only looks and sounds good, but drives results for your business.

We believe that no piece of content should ever be stagnant or only live in one place. We leverage great storytelling and target content towards the right audience, at the time right time, at the right place.

We work with clients like Kallpod, GYMGUYZ, Lightbridge Academy and BoConcept to help take their storytelling to the next level.

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Our content hubs, powered by our easy-to-use content management system allow you to tell your stories like you’ve never been able to before. Coupled with actionable analytics and our proprietary AMPD technology, you can promote content that is designed to inspire action to your targeted audiences from a trusted source.

Sticks & Stones | In Bookstores and Online

In Sticks and Stones: Building Entrepreneurial Success from Life’s Struggles, Mainland CEO Nick Powills shares how his personal struggle with weight and being teased as a kid fueled his drive to become a successful entrepreneur. By transforming his painful memories into motivation, Powills unlocked a life-changing process for entrepreneurs and for anyone who is ready to make the choice to better their lives.